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Aquamarine is an exploration/puzzle virtual reality game set in a future waterlocked city-atoll where sea levels have risen and the main urban transportation consists of small electric surfboards (eFoils). The experience is set to explore three main themes; ecology, spirituality and peace, and the ways in which they intersect.

Inspiration is drawn from the Hopepunk speculative fiction genre, where literary works such as Blackfish City envision post apocalyptic futures in which humanity hangs on, with its problems and victories, but is not entirely lost. Gaming references includes titles such as Journey, Firewatch, Shadow Point, Fugl, What remains of Edith Finch, Sky, Virginia and Form.

The story revolves around Puffin, a reflective young woman transitioning into adulthood, as she ponders on the nature of her city and the actions and choices of ancestral humans that led to her present circumstances.

This experience aims to elicit positive psychological transformation in the player. Through beautiful scenery and architecture, a sense of awe is promoted. Likewise, through an enjoyable eFoil riding experience, a sense of relaxation and flow is achieved. Lastly, through the exploration of a syncretist spiritual practice, illustrated with "puzzle" rituals, the grounding and healing mechanisms of ritual are harnessed. Also of note are the ecological ponderings of the main protagonist, which attempt to stoke similar ecological musings in the player.

This project continues in production.


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